Notes for those who wish to purchase Shigefusa knives from Yoshizawa Riko through me

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First of all, I’m not a merchant of any sort. The transactions will be between Yoshizawa Riko and you. I will be just a bona fide third party.

1. You will need to cover the PayPal fee (3.9% + 40 yen), in addition to the knife price and the Express Mail Service (EMS) shipping fee.
For information about EMS, visit:
2. You are requested to create a PayPal account if you don’t have one.
3. For a custom order, you will need to pay half the total amount before placing the order and the other half before delivery. The time to delivery is now at least ONE YEAR.

Edited to add:
By “custom order”, I mean an order for a Shigafusa knife that is not in stock at the moment.

You will also need to cover the 8% consumption tax applied to the knife price.

Edited to add:
Please be specific about your order.
1. Which of wa (Japanese-style) and yo (Western-style) you want
2. Whether you want a wooden sheath for the knife
3. Which of kasumi and kitaeji you want
4. Any special requests

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