Oden, Again/再び、おでん

Japanese Food

I have already posted about my oden in my blog several times, for example here and here, but Episode 5 of Volume 1 of Shinya Shokudo has made me want to post about it again.

Episode 5: (Oden) With gyusuji (beef tendon), daikon, and eggs
第5話: 牛すじ大根玉子入り(おでん)

Master says, “I have decided that my oden contains three ingredients: beef tendon, daikon, and boiled eggs.” “It would be cumbersome to prepare various ingredients, and besides, I like them.”

I laughed when I first read this episode, because his idea is almost the same as mine; only the ingredients are different.

My favorite oden ingredients include: daikon, boiled egg, and chikuwabu (tube made from wheat flour) and tsumire (balls of minced sardine).

My wife said she wanted to have gan modoki (deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables), so tonight’s oden looks like this:

No chikuwabu this time, because I’m on a diet! And, tonight’s oden contains konnyaku.

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