Okonomiyaki and Chahan for Supper/夕飯にお好み焼きとチャーハン

Japanese Food
For supper tonight, I made both okonomiyaki and chahan. They were a kind of strange combination, but I wanted to use up both the tenkasu or agedama, that is, tiny tempura batter balls, often a byproduct of tempura making, and the dried enoki mushrooms that had been sitting in the freezer for months, when I had enough time to do so.
You can see the tenkasu in the mixing bowl on the right.
I put a lot of sakura ebi (dried small shrimp), shown on the left. No pork.
I used two dia. 18-cm frying pans to make four okonomiyaki, as usual, to shorten the total cooking time.
全体の調理時間を短縮するため、いつも通り、4つのお好み焼きを作るのに直径18 cmのフライパンを2つ使いました。  
The recipe is basically the same as the one described here, but I left out the enoki an eryngii.
I also made Chinese cabbage pickle.
Dried enoki:
Only the lower parts.
The recipe is basically the same as the the one described here, but I added canned tuna.

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