Onsen Manju of Shosendo at Nozawa Onsen/野沢温泉、松泉堂の温泉まんじゅう

Japanese Food
Just wanted to share the onsen manju given to us from my father-in-law.

Onsen means hot spring, and Nozawa Onsen is a famous hot-spring resort area located in Nagano prefecture. Shosendo is one of the many Japanese-style confectioners there.
温泉とはhot springのことで、野沢温泉は、長野県にある有名な温泉地です。松泉堂(しょうせんどう)は、そこにある多くの和菓子店の一つです。

Koshian (bean jam with skin removed)

This particular brand is spelled 温泉まんう, not 温泉まんじゅう, which is more common. I did some googling, trying it find out why, but in vain.

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