Oshibori (Udon)/おしぼり(うどん)

Japanese Food
Oshibori udon, or simply oshibori, is a local dish of some parts of Nagano (aka Shinshu). I’ve been familiar with this local dish since childhood, and have never liked it. Much to my annoyance, my father likes it very much. The broth contains ground walnuts, ground naganegi, juice from grated daikon, and miso.
For today’s supper, my father made udon, using wheat flour.
In the evening, my father started making the broth. He ground the walnuts first. Later, he said he had forgotten to grind naga negi first.

I grated a whole aokubi daikon.

For authentic oshibori udon, you must use nezumi daikon, like these ones. My father said he could stand the pungency of nezumi daikon no longer.

These are the udon noodles my father made.

My father completed the broth by adding naga negi, miso, and juice obtained by squeezing the grated daikon. I boiled the udon for 5+ minutes.

My father served me a generous amount of udon…

Well, I wouldn’t mind having oshibori udon once in a while, although I really don’t think I can like it.

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