Proper Way to Hold Chopsticks/箸の正しい持ち方

Japanese Food

Note:  I’m talking about the proper way to hold JAPANESE chopsticks.
注: ここでは、日本の箸の正しい持ち方について書きます。

There is ONLY ONE proper way to hold Japanese chopsticks. Everyone is encouraged to hold and use Japanese chopsticks properly while in Japan.
Here are some YouTube videos:  this and this.


The important thing is to remember is not to move the lower chopstick and to make sure that the two chopsticks meet at their very ends so that you can easily pick up a small object such as a bean.

You may find these videos interesting:

Mame Tsukami (Bean Pickup) Cup/豆つかみカップ
Chopstick Competition/箸の豆ひろい大会

(Not the proper way to hold chopsticks.)

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