Purchases at a 100-yen Shop/100円ショップで買った物

Japanese Food
Now that my wife is the main cook in the house, I don’t have much to post about lately.  I do some odd jobs around the kitchen that my wife wouldn’t do.  Today, I went to the 100-yen shop nearby to get a julienne peeler.  I also bought some other things, like these:
Top, from left to right:  Niboshi (simmered and dried sardines), koya dofu (freeze dried tofu), maple syrup
Bottom, from left to right:  Walnuts, cloud ear mushrooms, julienne peeler
上、左から右: 煮干し、高野豆腐、メープルシロップ
下、左から右: クルミ、木耳(きくらげ)、千切りピーラー
30-cm dia. sieve and bowl (100 yen each)
直径30 cmのザルとボール(それぞれ100円)
I’m going to make kiriboshi daikon with the peeler, and make furikake with the mushrooms and walnuts.

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