“Recycle Shop” (Secondhand Store/Shop)/リサイクルショップ

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In Japan, “recycle shop” means secondhand store/shop, but it should be noted that a recycle shop differs from a charity shop, thrift shop, thrift store, etc. in other countries in that it is a commercial establishment. That is, you bring items to a recycle shop to sell them to the shop, and the shop sells them for profits. Usually, a recycle shop also sells new items at very reasonable prices.
日本では、「リサイクルショップ」とは、secondhand store/shopのことですが、リサイクルショップは、 外国のcharity shop、thrift shop、thrift storeなどと異なり、商業施設です。つまり、リサイクルショップに物を持って行き、売り、リサイクルショップはそれを売って儲けます。また、通常、リサイクルショップでは、新品もとても手頃な値段で売っています。

I, for one, like to visit a recycle shop very much, even when I don’t have anything I want to buy. Yesterday, I bought two ladles at the recycle shop I frequent. I fell in love with the bottom one in the photo below at first sight.

Top one: 180 yen
Bottom one: 480 yen
上のお玉: 180円
下のお玉: 480円

I googled to find that the bottom one costs over 1,200 yen at regular stores.

Some of the other items that I recently bought:

Top: Funnel (50 yen)
Bottom, left to right: Timer, non-contact thermometer for liquids only, peeler.
The timer and the thermometer were 200 and 980 yen, respectively, and are more than 1,400 and 3,000 yen, respectively, at regular stores.
上: 漏斗(50円)
下(左から右): タイマー、液体専用の非接触温度計、ピーラー。

Note that all the items shown above are new ones, not used ones. Now you know why I like a recycle shop!

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