Ringo no Niku Maki (Apple Wrapped in Meat)/りんごの肉巻き

Japanese Food

As part of supper tonight, my wife made what she calls ringo no niku maki. I did some googling and found that it should be called ringo no niku maki furai (= fry) because there are versions that are not breaded or deep-fried.

I’m very sorry I was unable to take appetizing photos of the dish partly because I was drunk and mainly because I was too lazy.

If you want to view better photos of this dish and other non-fried versions, click here.

Edited to add:
I don’t know why, but after you click “here” above, you may have to click the Chinese characters “検索” (search) in the frame next to Google near the top of the page to view all the photos presented.


You may also want to view the results of Google image searches for “niku maki” and “niku maki furai” (both in Japanese).
Niku maki/肉巻き
Niku maki furai (fry)/肉巻きフライ

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