Sakekasu (Sake Lees)/酒粕

Japanese Food
Just wanted to share some photos of sakekasu.
I bought a bag of 1 kg sakekasu for 420 yen weeks ago, and kept it in the fridge. I initially planned to use it immediately to make sakadane for making bread.
The sakekasu is from Aoki Shuzo, the local sake brewery here in the Shiozawa area of Minami Uonuma city that is famous for their Kakurei and other brands.
数週間前、酒粕を一袋(1 kg、420円)を買い、冷蔵庫にしまいました。当初はパンを作るための酒種を作るためにすぐ使おうと思っていました。
Yesterday, I decided to cut it into smaller pieces and store most of them in the freezer for later use (until I feel up for the challenge).
Cross section:
I cut it into squares each measuring 30-50 g in weight.
重さ30~50 gの四角に切りました。
The problem is when I will feel up for the challenge.

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