Sakura Manju and Sakura Mochi Made by Aoki Shoten/青木商店の桜まんじゅうと桜餅

Japanese Food

Note: I changed the title of this post on March 3. I also made some changes because I have learned that the sakura maju were actually sakura joyo manju from Aoki Shoten, a local confectionery shop here in Shiozawa.
From my post dated March 2:
Joyo refers to yamato imo, yama imo, tsukune imo, etc. (types of mountain yam). Joyo is used as a bonding agent for rice or wheat flour. Joyo will swell when streamed, and when you use joyo with flour when making manju, the skin will have a soft, fluffy texture.

Today, my wife got these wagashi (Japanese sweets) from her sister:
Top: Sakura joyo manju
Bottom: Sakura mochi
上: 桜薯蕷(じょうよ)まんじゅう
下: 桜餅

The sakura manju had sakura an in it.

Note that there are two types of sakura mochi in Japan: Kanto-style Chomeiji and Kansai-style Domyoji. I don’t know why, but here in Niigata, Domyoji is the common type.

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