Salt-Grilled Tuna Collar/マグロのカマの塩焼き

Japanese Food
Today, I went shopping and bought two tuna collars for 180 yen each, among others.

They were frozen, so I placed them on the kitchen counter top to thaw. I measured their weight, and I put 1% salt in the bag. Few salt-grill recipes specify the exact percentage of the salt to use, but I think it’s always good practice to measure the weight of the fish and use an exact amount of salt. Some say 2-3% salt is appropriate, but from my experience, 1% salt is enough, especially for collars because the weight includes that of the bones.

I didn’t wipe off the salt, and simply grilled them in the toaster oven, one at a time, for a total of 10 + 5 = 15 minutes until done.
塩を拭き取らず、ただオーブントースターで一つづつ、合計10 + 5 = 15分、火が通るまで焼きました。

It may not look appetizing to you, but it was very, very good!
I also bought some salmon fillet of sashimi grade.
Other items I bought:
Dried sweet potato:

Extra large buna shimeji

Dried persimmons from Sado Island and one pack of sake made from rice only

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