School Canteen at My Daughter’s University of Fine Arts/娘の美術大学の学生食堂

Japanese Food
My daughter is now a student at a university of fine arts in the Kanto area. She recently sent me these photos.
1 Fried chicken & curry
1 フライドチキンカレー
2 Keema curry and small bowl of salad
3 Sandwich
4 Salt-grilled saba (mackerel) (half eaten)  
She added, “The melon pan at *** (university name) is super delicious!! It has plenty of cookie (on top) and has a mocchi mocchi (= mochi mochi) texture inside (meaning a sticky texture in a good way), and it has been the best melon pan I have ever had!

For those of you who are wondering what melon pan is, here is a link to

Results of Google image search for melon pan in Japanese

Note: This particular university has one school canteen on one campus and one cafeteria and one school canteen on another campus. In Japanese, “school canteen” (gakusei shokudo) is slightly different from “cafeteria”, the former being less chic than the latter.
注: この大学では、1つのキャンパスに学生食堂が1つあり、別のキャンパスには学生食堂が1つ、カフェテリアが1つあります。日本語では、「学生食堂」は「カフェテリア」とは少し異なり、後者のほうが前者よりおしゃれです。

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