Shigefusa Kitaeji Ajikiri Hocho 4-Sun/重房 鍛地 鯵切包丁 4寸

Japanese Food
I’ve been thinking about getting this particular knife for quite some time.

Shigefusa kitaeji ajikiri hocho 4 sun, 26,700 yen (excluding 8% consumption tax)
4 sun is approx. 120 mm.
重房 鍛地 鯵切り包丁 4寸、26,700円(8%の消費税を除く)
4寸は約120 mmです。

This knife is one of the most popular knives at Yoshizawa Riko. (The Shigefusa kitaeji 180-mm wa (Japanese style handle) petty (paring) knife is another.)
この包丁は吉沢利工の人気商品の一つです。重房鍛地180 mm和ペティ―も人気商品の一つです。

Weight: 107 g
重さ: 107 g

Overall length: Approx. 25.3 cm
全長: 約25.3 cm

Can’t wait to try it out!

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