Shigefusa Kitaeji Mioroshi Deba, 10-Sun/重房 鍛地 身卸出刃 10寸

Japanese Food
Someone ordered a Shigefusa kitaeji mioroshi deba with a blade length of 10 sun from Yoshizawa Riko through me in August last year, and got it in late June this year.
He/she provided me with these photos to share.

Note: 10 sun is equivalent to 30.3 cm (about 12 inches). I noticed, however, that the invoice from Yoshizawa Riko says it is 1 shaku 5 bu, which is equivalent to 31.8 cm.
注: 10寸は30.3 cm(約12インチ)です。でも、吉沢利工からの請求書には、尺5分(31.8 cm)と書かれています。

Shigefusa seems to have a large backlog of orders. The time to delivery was about 5-6 months only a few years ago, but now it is about 1 year.

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