Shousetsu Sheet, Again/再び、消雪シート

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I posted about the Shousetsu Sheet last year here and elsewhere.
Here in the Uonuma region of Niigata prefecture, winter came rather early, in early December last year, and since then, I have had to deal with the silly Shousetsu Sheet again.  This is the second time in this season that a large amount of snow has accumulated on the roof, partly due to heavy snowfalls and mainly because of the inefficiency of the Shousetsu Sheet and the tendency of the valve stems to clog.
For the first time, I had to climb on the roof to remove the snow.  For the second time, I am really reluctant to climb on it.  I hope the temperature will rise in a day or two, causing the snow to disappear.
Note:  The Shousetsu Sheet will keep the snow from falling down from the roof.  The manufacturer of Shousetsu Sheet, Patedition Co., Ltd., claims that this is a great feature of the Shousetsu Sheet.  Personally, I totally disagree.
注: 消雪シートは雪が屋根から落ちるのを防ぎます。消雪シートのメーカー、パテジソンはそれが消雪シートの特徴の一つとしていますが、私自身は全くそうは思いません。
I really hope I can remove the Shousetsu Sheet from the roof soon enough.

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