Still Dieting/まだダイエット中

Japanese Food
I started dieting on December 17, and I have lost about 5 kg in about 50 days.
I don’t follow any xxx diet.  I just try to eat less for every meal, trying to limit my calorie intake to 600 kcal a meal and 1,800 kcal a day.  I take a walk for 20-40 minutes almost every day.
特にxxxダイエットはしていません。ただ毎食食べる量を減らすよう努力し、カロリー摂取を一食当たり600 kcal、一日1,800 kcalに抑えるようにしています。また、ほぼ毎日20~40分、散歩しています。
My breakfast two days ago:

By rough estimate, one bowl (about 200 g) of cooked rice has 300 kcal, and two packs (45 x 2 = 90 g) of natto have 200 kcal, so I guess the meal meets my criteria.
概算ですが、ご飯一杯(約200 g)で300 kcal、納豆2パック(45 x 2 = 90 g)で200 kcalなので、私の基準を満たしていると思います。
My lunch yesterday:
My lunch is almost always a combination of leftovers.  These particular onigiri were leftovers from my son’s bento the day before yesterday.  (My son took six onigiri and some okazu with him, instead of a regular bento box.)
One onigiri weighed about 100 g, so had less than 200 kcal.  Three onigiri met my criteria.
おにぎり一つは約100 gで、200 kcal以下なので、おにぎり3個で基準を満たしています。
I have to lose another 5 kg.
Edited to add:
Supper tonight:
A bowl of rice (about 150 g), a bowl of miso soup with tofu, enoki, and wakame, salmon meuniere*, some potato, and some daikon and carrot kinpira.
*  I asked my wife not to dust my salmon with wheat flour, but she dusted one side by mistake.
ご飯一杯(約150 g)、豆腐、エノキ、ワカメの味噌汁一杯、サーモンのムニエル*、ポテト、大根と人参のキンピラ。
* 妻に私のサーモンには粉をつけないように頼んだのですが、間違って、片側だけつけてしまいました。

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