Tamogitake and Numeri Sugitake/タモギタケとヌメリスギタケ

Japanese Food
Yesterday, I went to the local A-COOP store, where I found these two mysterious mushrooms. The varieties not indicated on the labels. I later called the producer to ask her what they were. My son was right. They were tamogitake and numeri sugitake (Pholiota adiposa).

I asked my son how he wanted to have these mushrooms. His request: takikomi gohan for tamogitake and clear soup for numeri sugitake.

I made takikomi gohan in my usual way: first parboiling the mushroom with water, soy sauce, sake, and mirin for a few minutes, adding the liquid to the rice cooker pot, but NOT adding the mushroom.
炊き込みご飯は私の普段の作り方で作りました: きのこを水、しょう油、お酒、みりんで数分茹でて、液は炊飯器に入れますが、きのこは入れません。

We had kogomi (fiddleheads) for the first time in this season.

I didn’t collect them, but I bought them…

After the rice is cooked, I placed some mushrooms on top of the rice.

Clear soup:

This time, I added some wakame seaweed and beaten eggs.

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