This Season’s First Harvest of Strawberries/今シーズン初のイチゴの収穫

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Last Sunday (June 2), my son moved the four strawberry planter boxes away from other plants so they wouldn’t attract slugs. I wondered if his plan would work.
Today, I checked the strawberries at around 5 o’clock in the morning.
I found one tiny slug in one of the planter boxes! I immediately removed it with a pair of waribashi (disposable wooden chopsticks)!
SO, I had to harvest some strawberries before they were fully matured.
My initial plan to grow tomato suckers and plant them in my rented field was not successful due to the bad weather in May, so last Saturday (June 1), I planted the seedlings there. Shown below are suckers taken from the seedlings.
I will grow them to plant them later.
I have four cherry tomato plants (two red and two yellow) in my small yard around the house. Because the soil is only 10-15 cm deep, I had to think of a clever way to support the supports.
家の周りの小さな庭にはミニトマトを4本(赤2本、黄色2本)植えました。土が10~15 cmくらいしかないので、支柱を支えるのに頭を使いました。 
The seeds are incredibly slow to grow.
My rented field on June 1.
I will list the tomato and cherry tomato varieties in a future post.

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