Today’s Bento (Jan. 23)/今日のお弁当(1/23)

Japanese Food
My wife allowed me to take a photo of today’s bento, although unwillingly.
Left side, from top to bottom:
1.  Cabbage and shio (salted) kombu seasoned with ponzu, made this morning
2.  Atsuyaki tamago (thick rolled omelet), made this morning
3.  Chicken thigh and naga negi pan-fried with soy sauce and mirin (yakitori without skewers), made as part of supper last night
4.  Wiener sausage pan-fried with ketchup, made this morning
Right side:
Rice topped with deseeded and chopped umeboshi and katsuobushi seasoned with soy sauce and mirin, previously made by me (chopped “ume katsuo”) and “magic furikake”, which I made last night
1.  キャベツと塩昆布のポン酢和え。今朝作った。
2.  厚焼き玉子。今朝作った。
3.  鶏のももと長ねぎをしょう油とみりんで炒めたもの(串なしの焼き鳥)。昨晩、夕飯に作った。
4.  ケチャップと炒めたウインナーソーセージ。今朝作った。

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