Tomo Choco Making/友チョコ作り

Japanese Food
Yesterday was a national holiday in Japan, and my daughter made three different types of chocolate sweet. I was a very capable assistant.
The 13 x 18 cm vat and the rubber spatula, both bought at a 100-yen shop, are new additions to the kitchen.
13 x 18 cmのバットとゴムべら(ともに100円ショップで購入)は、我が家の新たなキッチンアイテムです。 
She prepared 18 of such bags in total
all of which will be given to her female (not male) friends. My daughter is not alone; most of her friends do the same thing around this time of year.
To ensure that she would succeed in making tomo choco, I bought this high-performance kitchen scale.
Capable of measurement in 0.1 g units! Very impressive!
0.1 g単位で測れます。すごいです! 

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