Truffles… Sort of/トリュフもどき

Japanese Food
Last night, I hit on a good idea:  making truffle-like sweets using chocolate and… katakuriko (potato starch)!  I searched for ideas on the Internet, and I found this recipe (Japanese only).  The ingredients are:
30 g katakuriko
35 g sugarless cocoa powder
70 g sugar
230 ml milk
I thought this particular recipe great because it doesn’t even require chocolate.  Today, around noon, I tried this recipe.  I didn’t have sugarless cocoa powder, so I used sweetened cocoa powder instead.
Thus, I mixed:
30 g katakuriko
105 g sweetened cocoa powder
230 ml milk
片栗粉 30 g
無糖のココア 35 g
砂糖 70 g
牛乳 230 ml
片栗粉 30 g
砂糖入りのココア 105 g
牛乳 230 ml

Within minutes after heating on low heat, the mixture turned out like this:

 I think I should have added less katakuriko.  It turned very tough.  I used a large spoon to transfer it in a container with cocoa powder in it, one spoonful at a time.

Despite the ugly appearance, the truffle-like sweets were very tasty.  They literally melt in your mouth.

I will use less katakuriko the next time I make them.

According to the description of the recipe, these sweets have only one sixth of the calories of real truffles.

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