Ume Jam and Ume Syrup 2014/梅ジャムと梅シロップ、2014年

Japanese Food
Yesterday, we got a little over 6 kg of ao ume (unripe Japanese apricots) from my father, who lives in Chiba prefecture.

My wife and I discussed and decided to make ume jam and ume syrup again this year.

Removing the heta from each and every one of the ume is both time-consuming and tiring.

But I did it in less than 20 minutes.

To make ume syrup, I used blemish-free ones (left). The ones on the bottom are slightly rotten, so I had to dispose of them.

The ones in the right bowl were for making ume jam. I soaked them in a pot full of water.

I’m going to soak them in water for a whole day, with several changes of water.

Ume syrup making.

The ume for making ume syrup were more than 3 kg, so I thought I would use 3 kg of sugar.
梅シロップ用の梅は3 kg以上あったので、砂糖を3 kg使おうと思いました。

My wife and daughter watched me making ume syrup. My wife was surprised at the amount of sugar I was going to use. I ended up using 2 kg of sugar for 3 kg of ume.
妻と娘が、私が梅シロップを作っているところも見ていました。妻は、私が使おうとしている砂糖の量に驚きました。結局、3 kgの梅に対して砂糖を2 kg使いました。

If I see any signs of the ume going bad, I have to add some more sugar immediately.

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