Ume Katsuo/梅かつお

Japanese Food
My wife bought a pack of ume katsuo (also called “katsuo ume” or “ume gatsuo”) to include in our son’s bento.
ume = short for umeboshi
katsuo = short for katsuobushi
gatsuo < katsuo
My son says he likes it, but not me.  For one thing, store-bought ume katsuo contains food additives.  For another, we have a large amount of umeboshi left in the house, given to us by my mother nearly ten years ago.
The umeboshi are so salty that they won’t get moldy.  I first soaked some of them in a bowl of water for six hours or so, with several changes of water.
In a container, I mixed equal amounts of soy sauce and mirin (1 tbsp each), and heated in the microwave to evaporate alcohol.  I added some of the umeboshi and two packs (5 g x 2 = 10 g) of katsuobushi.
容器にしょう油とみりんを同量(各大さじ1)混ぜ、電子レンジで加熱しアルコールを飛ばし、梅干の一部と鰹節を2パック(5 g x 2 = 10 g)入れました。
Good enough for me, but my son says he likes the store-bought better.

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