Ume Syrup and Ume Jam Making: Emergency/梅シロップと梅ジャム作り:緊急事態

Japanese Food
Yesterday afternoon, I found tiny bubbles coming out from the ume. Maybe signs of fermentation. Since I had already gotten enough extract from the ume, I decided to separate the syrup from the ume and make ume jam from the ume.
From these four containers, which contained about 2.2 kg ume and 1.0 kg sugar in total,
全体で梅2.2 kg、砂糖1.0 kgが入っていた、この4つの容器から、 
I got 1,390 g ume and 1,450 ml syrup.
梅が1,390 g、シロップが1,450 ml取れました。
Making ume jam:
1. Microwave the ume for 3 minutes (or much longer, depending on the amount)
2. Transfer to an enameled pot.
1. 梅を電子レンジで3分(量によっては、もっと長く)加熱する。
2. ホーロー鍋に移す。 
3. Add the desired amount of sugar. I added 220 g (about 16%).
A common ume and sugar ratio for making ume jam is 1:1, but note that these particular ume are already sweetened.
3. 砂糖を好きなだけ入れる。私は220 g(約16%)入れました。
4. Mash the ume with bamboo spatula over very low heat.
4. ごく弱火で、梅を竹べらで潰します。 
These particular ume were very hard, and I had to add some (100 ml) water and simmer with the lid on for a few minutes. After the ume turned soft, I was able to mash the ume quite easily.
この梅はとても硬くて、水を少し(100 ml)入れ、蓋をして数分間煮る必要がありました。梅が柔らかくなってからは、簡単に潰せました。  
I did the same thing for the ume in the two large 5-liter Tupperware containers (5.0 kg ume and 2.0 kg sugar in total) and the four glass jars (11.6 kg ume and 4.7 kg sugar).
大きな二つの5リットルタッパー容器(全体で梅5.0 kg、砂糖2.0 kg)と4つのガラス瓶(梅11.6 kg、砂糖4.7 kg)に対しても同じことをしました。 
Nine 1,800 ml Tupperware containers!
1,800 mlのタッパー容器が9つ!
I got about 9 liters of syrup from the four glass jars.
I got more about 3 liters from the two large containers. (I was unable to measure the amount with my kitchen scale.)
Now I need to store all the jam and all the syrup in some way or other!
NOTE: It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get enough extract from the ume and separate the syrup from the ume. I think that these particular ume were riper than usual ao ume and took me much less time to get enough extract. Notice also the color of the syrup. It’s pinkish. Ume syrup is usually transparent.

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