Units Associated with Rice in Japan/日本の米に関する単位

Japanese Food

Let me start with go.  One go is equivalent to 180 ml.  One go of rice has a weight of 150 g (140-160 g depending on how dry the rice is), and has 534 kcal.  When cooked with water (in the Japanese way), one go of rice increases by a factor of 2.2, and has a weight of 2.2 x 150 = 330 g.  One o-chawan or chawan (rice bowl) holds about 150 ml cooked rice (gohan), so one go of uncooked rice (o-kome or kome) results in a little over two bowls of cooked rice.
合(ごう)から始めます。一合(いちごう)は180 mlに相当します。一合のお米の重さは150 g (お米の乾燥度により140~160 g)で、カロリーは534 kcalです。炊くと、一合のお米は2.2倍に増え、重さは2.2 x 150 = 300 gになります。お茶碗(茶碗)には、ご飯(炊いたお米のこと)がおよそ150 ml入りますから、一合のお米は、ご飯2杯強になります。

In days of old, one go of rice was considered the amount of rice required by a single person for a single meal.

So, how was the unit of go determined?  We need to go back to 645, when the Taika Reforms were carried out.


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