Usu Yaki/薄焼き

Japanese Food
Usu yaki is a specialty of Shinshu (Nagano). My father, who comes from Shinshu, used to make usu yaki sometimes when we lived in Tokyo. Today, I made usu yaki, using flour, miso, and nira (Chinese chive). Usu yaki made with nira can be called nira yaki, whereas usu yaki made with negi can be called negi yaki.
Usu < Usui = Thin
Yaki < Yaku = To fry, to grill

Sorry, I don’t have a recipe to share. I simply mixed some flour with water, and added some more water until the right texture (similar to that of pancake batter). I added nira and miso.

Some recipes like this one call for eggs and/or sugar. If I remember correctly, my father did not add either.

I think that flour, miso, and nira (or negi) are the only required ingredients, as well as some oil for pan-frying. Slightly scorched miso adds a wonderful flavor to this simple “pancake”.

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