Volume 14 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第十四巻

Japanese Food

Volume 14 of Shinya Shokudo was published on May 5, 2015.

List of episodes of Volume 14 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo
184 Fava beans
185 Sawara (Spanish mackerel) saikyo-yaki
Saikyo-yaki refers to a food marinated in sweet white miso called saikyo miso first and then grilled or to such a cooking method.
186 Niratama (stir-fried Chinese chive and eggs) set meal
187 American dogs
American dogs are similar to corn dogs in the United States, but made with a wheat flour-based batter (often the same as a pancake batter), with no corn meal.
188 Napoli udon
Napoli is short for Napolitan, and Napoli udon is the udon version of Napolitan spaghetti.
I myself have never heard of or eaten Napoli udon.
189 Nebaneba (slimes)
In this episode, nebaneba is used to refer to a dish containing nagaimo (type of yam), okra, and natto.
Most Japanese love slimy foods!
190 Chicken nanban
Chicken nanban is a specialty of Miyazaki prefecture, and is fried chicken soaked in nanban sauce (sweet, sour, and peppery sauce) and topped with tartar sauce. I have never heard of or eaten this dish.
Images of chicken nanban
191 Short-necked clam and cabbage saka-mushi
Saka-mushi refers to a food cooked in Japanese rice wine or to such a cooking method.
192 Stir-fried pork trimmings and bean sprouts
193 Tamago dofu (egg tofu)
Tamago dofu (not tofu) does not contain soy milk.
194 Moro kyuu and ume kyuu
Moro kyuu is raw cucumbers served with moromi miso, and ume kyuu is raw cucumbers served with umeboshi paste. Kyuu is short for kyuuri (cucumber).
Images of moro-kyuu
195 Tabasco
196 Kani kama (fake crab meat) salad
197 Onigiri (rice balls)

184 そら豆
185 鰆の西京焼き
186 ニラ玉定食
187 アメリカンドッグ
188 ナポリうどん
189 ネバネバ
190 チキン南蛮
191 アサリとキャベツの酒蒸し
192 豚小間もやし炒め
193 たまご豆腐
194 もろきゅうと梅きゅう
195 タバスコ
196 カニかまサラダ
197 おにぎり

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