Volume 8 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第八巻

Japanese Food

List of episodes of Volume 8 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo:

100 Goya (bitter gourd)
101 Octopus chunks
102 After-meal cigarette
103 Braised pork belly
104 Peanuts and kaki no tane (rice crackers shaped like persimmon seeds)
105 Salted salmon
106 Soy pulp
107 Boiled tofu
108 Apples
109 Sardines in oil
110 Sunny-side up
111 Sakura denbu (pink-colored fish floss)
112 Chuunou (chuno) sauce (a type of Worcester sauce)
113 Abura age
Aside Octopus wieners


100 ゴーヤー
101 タコぶつ
102 食後の一服
103 豚の角煮
104 ピーナツと柿の種
105 塩鮭
106 おから
107 湯豆腐
108 リンゴ
109 オイルサーディン
110 目玉焼き
111 桜でんぶ
112 中濃ソース
113 油揚げ
箸休め タコウインナー

Edited to add the following:
Brief description of Episode 109, “Sardines in oil”

This old man (center on the left) is the one who showed Master a good way to eat canned sardines.

Put onion slices on the sardines in the can, place the can on a fish grill, and put over a fire. When it becomes bubbly, remove from the fire, and sprinkle dash of soy sauce.
You can have the sardines as an okazu (accompaniment to rice) or a tsumami (appetizer for sake). The old man, Shibuya, always places them on crackers to have them.

The man, a director of adult videos, was in love with a young girl, an apprentice at a barber shop. One day, the girl left the shop. One month later, the man saw her again, in a filming location, as a new actress for an adult video. The director canceled the filming, saying to her, “This is not a place you belong, Nao chan.” Later, he paid all the debt her ex-boyfriend had left her, set up a barber shop for her, and became her husband.

How did you like the story? I, for one, liked it very much!

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