YASUDA YOGURT, Chickpeas, etc/安田ヨーグルト、ひよこ豆など

Japanese Food
The other day, I went to Nagaoka by train. The primary purpose was to visit my son’s high school for a parent meeting, but the secondary purpose was much more important. After I left the school, I went to a book store and a 100-yen shop. Then, I went to the station building, where you can find an imported food shop, an ice cream shop run by YASUDA YOGURT, and a supermarket among others.
At the YASUDA YOGURT shop, I ordered one raspberry-flavored frozen yogurt (220 yen). I had it in the food court nearby.

Good enough, but I thought I should have ordered soft-serve ice cream.

The young female sales clerk was very generous. She gave me this:

Cream caramel candy. Very tasty!

Here are the food items that I bought at the imported food store.

Glad that I found chickpeas!
Today, I cooked all the chickpeas (300 g).
今日は、ひよこ豆を全部(300 g)茹でました。
I first soaked them in cold water for more than six hours.

Then, I boiled them and simmered for 13 minutes. (I was planning to simmer them for 20-30 minutes according to one recipe.)

7 minutes later, I drained them.  I had some and found they were very, very good!

I think we will finish them off as a snack.

I think I’ll ask my son to get some more bags for me so I can use them for different dishes!

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