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I had recently shown the first motorcycle created by Sylvain and Florent Berneron, brothers partners in the new company Praem
Now this Honda RC51, will go up for auction at Bonhams

2002 PRAËM Honda VTR1000 RC51 ‘SP3’
Frame no. JH2SC45A72M201373
Engine no. SC45E-2203410

Unique custom motorcycle
Outstanding technical specification
Unused since completion
Registered in France.

The unique machine offered here is the work of PRAËM, a French company at the forefront of the 21st Century’s vibrant custom scene. PRAËM was established in 2014 by two men: Sylvain Berneron, an ex-BMW Motorrad designer, and his brother Florent, an former aerospace technician in the French Army.

This project is called ‘PRAËM SP3’, the donor bike being a Honda VTR1000 RC51 SP2. Honda Racing Corporation’s unparalleled expertise is reflected in the SP’s construction: the engine is mainly made out of magnesium and aluminium while the camshafts are driven by gears rather than the cheaper belts or chain. However, the road version lacked the exotic suspension and brakes of the World Superbike Championship-winning factory racer and was considered improvable in other areas too.

The PRAËM philosophy requires that performance should not be compromised, so the original frame geometry was retained. In order to improve the brakes and suspension, the ‘SP3’ has been upgraded using the best components on the market. These include ultra-lightweight Rotobox carbon-fibre wheels; Brembo radial brakes with Sicom carbon-ceramic discs; and Öhlins suspension in a unique ‘full black’ finish.

Each surface is treated according to its function, with all the mechanical and structural elements concealed. Brushed aluminium or stainless steel panels define the ergonomic and aerodynamic surfaces, while the enlarged cut-out in the SP3 fuel tank prevents the rear cylinder from overheating, a problem that afflicts the stock SP2. Made from stainless steel wire, the fairing’s side panels are inspired by the sculptures of the Brooklyn based Korean artist, Seung Mo Park. These panels are used to control air flow through the fairing.

The prestigious watch brand TAG Heuer accepted the invitation to join PRAËM in this project and has sanctioned the integration of its limited edition Monaco Calibre 11 chronograph into the SP3 fuel tank. The chronograph retains its wristband, enabling it to be worn by the rider when away from the machine.

PRAËM’s SP3 project commenced in January 2015 and was finished in December. The complete design and construction process was done in house and consumed approximately 4,000 hours of labour, in the course of which the engine was completely rebuilt and tuned. It is estimated to produce around 165bhp. The new fuel tank has a 12-litre capacity and the SP3’s dry weight is a commendably low 180kgs. A detailed list of its specification is available and the machine also comes with French registration papers. Unused since completion, this outstanding piece of motorcycle art represents a unique opportunity for the discerning collector, being equally at home in a motor museum or an art gallery.

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