Baak Motocyclettes

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The workshop was founded in 2012 by Rémi RÉGUIN, a self-taught man that couldn’t find a motorbike that correspond to what he wanted. He decided to create his own…

BAAK Motocyclettes is based in a new 300 square meters place, dedicated to the bike’s exposition and the accessories creation. The official opening will take place at spring 2016.

BAAK creates unique Triumph and Moto Guzzi custom bikes for its customers, and accessories to allow people to customize their bike on their own. We provide Backdating solutions for riders that want to get a more personal bike, with a vintage appearance and high class parts. Our accessories are made with noble materials (leather and aluminium), for Haute Couture customizations. Throughout our online shop and local retailers, we sell leather seats, mudguards, exhausts, fenders, engine protections, handlebars… And we are proud to propose customization pack for Triumph Bonneville  including many accessories to make an original bike become a unique one. But we are not focused only on Triumph and Moto Guzzi. Whether we consider they are great bases for our work, we also produce universal parts to allow every rider to use high quality materials on their bikes. 

All our creations are designed and crafted in our workshop, a 100% Made In France production that seems to be seducing riders from all over the world.  Here is a quote (translated from french) from Rémi RÉGUIN, founder of BAAK, and that sums up our spirit : «  By creating BAAK Motocyclettes, I wanted to give people the access to new feelings through exceptional motorbikes and accessories that make it unique ; always respecting the origin of the bikes, and with a view to the details that make the difference. ».