BMW Motorrad Concept Lac Rose

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BMW Concept Lac Rose
During the event “Wheels & Waves” on the French Atlantic coast BMW has once again presented a promising design “concept”: a classic GS style of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally machines from the 1980s.

By the term “Lac Rose” should be referred to the pink shimmering lake north of Dakar, at the time held the award ceremony of the Paris-Dakar Rally. Reminder: Hubert Auriol and Gaston Rahier won in the 1980s each twice the motorcycle standings with BMW GS.
For the air-oil cooled 1200s boxer engine (maximum 110 PS) have been designed here especially new cylinder head covers. Not least this detail suggests that already in 2017 a “Classic GS” could go into production – in addition to the other “Heritage” models of BMW, so in addition to the extremely popular R NINET and various variations on this basis.
However, for the new “Classic GS” – despite rough or chunky tires, protectors and thick telescopic fork with bellows – do not expect a seriously sporty enduro potential. As with all models of the “Heritage” series it is here primarily to the attractive appearance in the fashionable retro style.

Photos: BMW