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Vespa Tuning project in their own right: By far the most expensive Vespa conversion from our Hamburg Vespa workshop, in which we have hineingepackt our entire know-how and experience gained from 15 years of Vespa Tuning, repair shop and Customizing.
Update 2/23/2015:
Our Vespa demonstrator PS 240 is completed – In the near future the TÜV approval …
The Scooter + Service Vespa demonstrator is not far from completion – the electrical system with elektonischer controller Motogadget M-Unit, Motoscope Pro multifunction instrument servomotor with programmable control unit for the exhaust control and various additional special solutions is up and working.
Now lacking basically “only” various details such as the final installation of cooling tubes, final assembly of side fenders, horn, cables and so on – work, do not move routine under normal workshop with a Vespa project of its kind,
because here simply nothing “normal” …

The engine of the Custom Vespa PS 240 based on a Rally 180 engine housing with PX 200 Lusso transmission – usually we use for Vespa Husqvarna Conversion a Vespa PX 200 motor housing, in this case, a well-preserved housing Rally was just available.
To accommodate the immense forces of the Vespa motor better and better distribute, a screw reinforcement structure has been developed – the adapter plate for receiving the 250cc Husqvarna cylinder features in addition to the 4 inner screw points still about 4 more screws to prevent bending of the adapter plate ,
After we had built an engine of this type already in early 2007, which carried 52 hp at the rear wheel, we are in this Vespa Tuning to other priorities:
Practicality, homogeneous power delivery, broadband, reliability, TÜV conformity – the engine was a total “defused”, so that we are fully satisfied with 38PS rear power in this Vespa Tuning project.
The crankshaft is developed on the basis of a long stroke Mazzucchelli full circle crankshaft for Vespa PX 200, which is equipped with an eccentric crank pin for 62,5mm stroke, one-worked from solid metal connecting rods in special lengths and tungsten weights to compensate for the translational masses.
Coupling this Vespa is of course our very own Vespa Cosa clutch with CNC machined clutch basket and clutch inner part – a conventional clutch Vespa would not withstand the stresses in the neck.
The exhaust this Custom Vespa is individually made in stainless steel of about 50 segments – as part of the everyday practicality of course with our “Silent” -Innendämmungs system. The Curley-design ensures, despite the ultra-low center of gravity for good ground clearance in inclined positions, the stainless steel exhaust is in our opinion a work of art in itself – construction period for the Vespa racing exhaust a total of about 60 hours.

Motor housing Rally 180 with adapter plate design
Cylinder Husqvarna WR 250, water cooled
Mazzucchelli 62,5mm crankshaft with an eccentric crank pin Sonderanfertigung
Conrods Sonderanfertigung
Keihin PWK 35 AirStriker
Exhaust Scooter + Service Curley S, one-off production
Exhaust control with servo motor, programmable
Generator Cover Husqvarna

Body PX with GS rear
Sidepanels VB1T, adapted and rebuilt on PX outer locking
Heck Cut
Fender GS Superlow
Handlebar GS 160
Cascade GS
Watercooler Kawasaki ZXR 1100
Trittblech about 50 mm shortened
Battery Holders Sonderanfertigung
Shortened bonnet louvers
Down seat pad body forward about 10mm deep
Superlow fork for 3 inch rim, custom-made
Steering bearing seat turned, floor panel height 220mm
fully hydraulic 4-piston radial brake Scooter + Service forwards
Radial brake pump Magura
Wide tire conversion 3-inch front, 4 inch rear
Tires 100/80 – 10 front, 130/70 – 10 rear
Shock absorber BGM per rear
Shock Stage 6 forward

Throttle System Scooter + Service

Bench Tank Scooter + Service, one-off production
Digital instrument Motoscope Pro
Schaltmechnik with bronze bushings and larger role for short shift travel
Digital switchboard Motogadget M-Unit
Controls on electronic pushbutton control
Clear glass – Headlights with E-Norm
highly flexible braided hoses – cooling lines G-Line
Adapted and converted for operation LED taillight