Love Moto

Kawasaki KZ 550 GT, 1986 by Ventus Garage

Motorcycle built for special order to Onet company. Frame modyfied and painted by powder coating. Duck tail made in Cafe Racer style. 

Engine painted with special heat-resistant paint with polished engine ribs. Rear shock absorbers have been changed to raise the back of the motorcycle and front suspension has been 5cm lowered to have more agressive look. Front lamp with a tachometer comes from Yamaha SR 500 motorcycle. The original Clip-on steering wheel has been adapted to emphasize Cafe Racer style. Exhaust wrapped with an insulating tape. Fuel tank has been painted with a yellow special shade.

M O T O R C Y C L E    Kawasaki KZ 550 GT, 1986

H O R S E P O W E R    50KM

E N G I N E    inline – 4, 550cm3

Logo idea and design: Bartosz Kozłowski, Onet artistic director.