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FOX CB 350 Cognito moto  

FOX has commissioned Cognito Moto to build a custom Honda CB350. The bike will feature a set of FOX shocks on the rear, Cognito Moto’s front fork conversion parts, as well as a few yet-to-be designed parts. 

The style of this small cafe racer are recognizable solutions previously used by Cognito Moto, simple lines that link to cleaning with a flat back of the seat and tank that equates. As usual, they used a small Honda CB series, model evidentemnete much more prevalent in America than in Europe, where they are much more common of the four-cylinder Japanese. Not a bad decision when choosing the style of driving pleasure dates from the engine performance, but we Europeans live the bike in a different way than the friends in stars and stripes.

Check out for more info on all parts used in this build.