Goodbye Guy ?

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Con un’annuncio sul suo profilo facebook Guy Martin comunica che quest’anno non parteciperà al Tourist Trophy e paventa anche la possibilità di non tornare alla moto.

Di niente c’è certezza in questa vita e quindi  mettiamo limiti ad eventuali ripensamenti futuri, ma di certo l’edizione 206 della gara più affascinante e pericolosa del mondo perde uno dei suoi protagonisti .
Una cosa però posso condividere del suo pensiero e farne tesoro ..”Non si vive di sole moto” 
Di seguito l’annuncio ufficiale 
“Plenty of folk have been asking what I’m up to this year.
I fancy a change of scenery. I’ve been racing the TT for 11 years. All I’ve really done since I was 18, except the trucks, is race motorbikes and my brain needs something else. Every year’s the same: testing, racing, then start again. It brought it home to me when I was lying in hospital after the Ulster Grand Prix crash. I’ve been on about the Tour Divide, the toughest pushbike race in the world, for three years and I thought I’ll blink and next thing I’ll be 45, so I’m going to do it this year. I like breaking myself mentally and the Tour Divide will be tough, but it’s same time at TT, so that’s forced me to make a choice.
I’m not done with motorbikes. I’m attempting the Wall of Death record in the spring and having a go at the land speed record in the summer and if I do race on the roads it will be with TAS.
After the Tour Divide I might never want to see a pushbike again – or never want to go road racing again, I don’t know. But I do know Bruce Anstey and John McGuinness are still racing the TT, and they’ve got a few years on me, so maybe I’ll come back next year. Or maybe I’ll find something else interesting to do. I’ve got more interests than just motorbikes and I just think let’s bloody have ‘em.
Thanks very much as ever for the support. 

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