Honda Ascot FT500 Tracker

Love Moto

Honda FT 500 build by MotoRelic Custom Motorcycles and Fabrication. 

This Honda Ascot has been taken down to the frame for a complete make over.

The engine has been given a new clutch and springs along with a few gaskets and seals. I did adjust the balancer chain while the side covers were removed. Fresh paint and stainless bolts dress up the engine nicely. The front number plate is all handmade from aluminum and the headlights are LED style with halos. The elegant gold wheels are stock and the tires are from Shinko. The paint has all been laid down buy Homeward Bound Motorcycles and is outstanding. All of this gives this Ascot the look of Hondas racing heritage.

 Keeping the racing look alive requires this bike to be a BARE BONES style. This means that is does not have a speedometer or gauges. It does not have turn siganls or a horn. It DOES have a brake/tail light and high/low beam headlight.

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