Kappa King

Love Moto

After hundreds of Bmw modified Kappa series all in the same way at last something different.
He succeeded Chris King Automotive designer and fabricator for all things retro, it took almost a year of work but eventually created a cafe racer truly innovative for the lines.

You see that is the product of a designer, a large study of shapes and volumes but also profound changes to the chassis which has been transformed into a lattice of tubes similar to those that might screw mount a Ducati, so well riuscoto that the black color using the shell as hiding inside the bike itself.
The rear suspension has been changed which now features a ammortizzaore mounted horizontally with a new leverage system.
The when fueling has deep flares and the whole thing has been shaped by hand as is done in large companies to create many of the car and motorcycle models before production.

King Design Fabrication

First seen on Ottonero