Scrambler K100 Ed Turner

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I know what you’ll say … On this one, Ed Turner was not too broken the c ** A small scrambler BM blue trend and flat saddle … It’s not the big risk-taking, I admit, but several reasons have pushed me to opt for these choices.

Hugo, the owner, we went on a K100 because a base WB, it’s always nice to customize and also mainly because it already owned the original K100 all who expected it.

Hugo is a student. Student = no dosh. Ed on this one, will have to play tight, do not ignite on purchases of coins and find a way to give a little attitude with this Norman wardrobe … with the means at hand and a timing reduced.

Even revise his classics, as revisiting a bit too though.
So the first priority will be to blow up the big original tank and replace it with a sexy model (from a Spanish 125). The operation requires the establishment of an external pump.
Little work on the loop back to straighten a little welcome the general line and the flat saddle, basic, standard, everyone sticks around … View 1000 times but makes good!

Note that in this model the air boxes are the size of a top case. Not very graceful all! Then one sees replaced by a “fake carb” of the air intake system attached to the battery while the other disappears, makeup satchel behind her leather straps.
Two tires army for virility. A dirt track handlebar for cool attitude and the machine is ready to paint. The color blue is the only item listed in the specifications provided by the client, I put a point of honor to respect for once!
Now ready to play in the mud …. Parisian avenues!

© Francois Richer – My Spirit Photographie

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