Love Moto
In his latest film, THREE MILE, hot rod film maker Brian Darwas shows us how important of a resource The Bonneville Salt Flats are to the automotive world.  With salt levels diminishing at an alarming rate, causing the cancellation of Speedweek for two consecutive years, THREE MILE is the film that everyone needs to see.   


Never before has showing the passion, hard work, and dedication behind the scenes been so important.  Racing at Bonneville isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life.  It creeps into the essence of everything these racers do all year long in preparation for that one week on the salt.  That one chance each year to not only take a stab at a new record, but test and develop new technologies that go into improving the automotive world.  Many of the safety and handling features in new cars come directly from the race track to your driveway and ultimately to your family, keeping them safe out on the road.

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