“TIGRA” 45Proj. HONDA CBX 250.

Love Moto

New ready Lucky Custom!! This bold project caferacer based Honda CBX 250 Twister ended in a very innovative design, with a great work of reform chassis, fuel tank style, American tires “Performance Machine”. 

Transmission and rear brake on the same side of the rim, front brake ahead of the fork, the escape trace the entire interior of the bike to finish in the back colin, triple headlamp visor acrylic and finally it should be emphasized replenishing battery and electronic instruments on the side of the engine in metal boxes tailored with details of simulation temperature dissipating fins .. many thanks to Raul Origlia for the excellent camera shots as well Linn Rodriguez also accompanied us in this production piloting this Café that moves away from the nostalgic style representing a much more futuristic look …