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XJ600 Diversion by Wrench Kings
Earlier this year Wrench Kings were, together with Reinoud from Cafe Racers United, at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht (a huge Dutch Motorcycle exhibition). Cafe Racers United had a stand with all custom goodies required to make some cool modifications to bikes. And we were there to help him out.

To make the exhibition stand look cool and complete, we brought a stunning bike along. The white and blue Yamaha XJ600 Diversion we built for Anne-Klare. The easy part for us was that we used many of the items that we had for sale here, on this bike. “You want to see how these bar-end blinkers look; check this bike!”.

Patrick was one of the visitors of the Motorbeurs and his friends jokingly told him that “today was the day to buy a bike”. He tried several of the “stock bikes”, but none of these bikes won his heart. Until he passed by our stand. His friends walked on, but Patrick fell in love. He found the one bike on the exhibition that did make his heart beat faster!

“Is this bike for sale”? He would have walked out with the Yamaha if he could! Unfortunately for him, this bike was custom made on request. But luckily for him, we build bikes on request!
We agreed to meet after the event to discuss details. A week later he was at the Wrench Kings Quarters in Bilthoven and here the planning started.
“What bike do you want”?
“Exactly the same please”

 That’s how the discussion started. And although there is a big resemblance between the bikes, this one is totally different. Different color scheme, different tires, build-in navigation, different handle bars. In other words, a custom, tailored machine that fits all his wishes.
Patrick likes to make trips. Preferably long trips. Weekends away to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc. And especially Germany is strict on noise regulations. So we had to find a muffler that produces a nice sound and can be silenced by a bolt-on DB killer. And we didn’t want him to get lost, so we included a TomTom rider navigation set.  A fun little toy that lets the rider chose how “curvy” the route should be. A boring highway trip of one hour suddenly becomes a beautiful three hour road trip through back roads and stunning country side. Highly recommended!

Reliability was another important point. The Yamaha XJ600 Diversion is a reliable, air cooled machine with built with modern technology and easy riding characteristics.
We went looking for a bike and found a 24 year old Diversion with only 8k kilometers (5k miles) on the teller. The bike was dealer maintained and the owner sold it because he was getting too old and the bike too heavy. A beautiful machine with hardly any wear or tear. It just looked brand new.
Once the bike was with us, we started the build. As we like to do, we took the bike apart, fabricated a custom subframe, relocated the foot pegs and powder coated every detail of the bike.

All electronics (as well as the original air filter box) are fitted underneath the tank. And to finish this, we cut some Plexiglas plates in which we engraved the logo of Patrick’s motor club. He has a group of friends that all ride and they often gather in a pub called “Stan & Co”. Hence their motor club is called “Stan & Go”. That caused a bit of confusion the first time they tried to open a tab on “Stan & Go”…

 On the left side we made the ignition key fit the wheel of their logo. The only electronics remaining underneath the seat is a fuse box allowing for easy access.
The exhaust system we changed from a 4-2 system with the (boring) original mufflers to a 4-1 system with a stunning Takkoni muffler.

The brushed aluminum fenders complete the road worthiness of this bike and the end result is a machine that can be used anywhere and under all conditions. All electric connections are waterproof and the original air filter box ensures that the bike can withstand the worst tropical rain showers. The Pirelli tires are chosen for their looks and their characteristics on all surfaces. A bike built for traveling!
Patrick is a very happy customer and we wish him miles and miles of fun with his machine!

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