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YAMAHA FZ 750 2MG FZR 1000 Road and Track Bike Classic

YAMAHA 1987 FZ 750 track and day time road bike with V5.
I have built and ridden this over the last or so, mainly as a track bike to use for classic track days. But is also road legal and has a day time MOT.

The build includes:
Front end-Triumph Daytona forks adjustable for preload, compression and rebound, Brembo Goldline 4 piston calipers, Vanhill braided lines, new wave discs and a CBR 600 front wheel.
The rear end – YZF 750 swingarm with a GSXR rear shock, again adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. R1 blue spot caliper a wave disc and CBR 600 rear wheel.
The engine was replace this year with a non EXPU FZR 1000 engine, with stage 3 Dyna Jet kit, air ram filters, full stainless steel Micron 4-2-1 exhaust headers, head stock oil cooler with Goodridge lines, and a GSXR curved rad to keep it all cool. It all runs well with no smoke or rattles and has loads of torque, (it had a small flat spot around 9,000 rpm, but may be just a sticking slide as it seemed to improve during the last track day, but may need a bit of fine tuning carb wise).

The front fairing is a Norfolk moldings race fairing with a cut out for the oil cooler, the seat is an NSR 250 race unit.

I have the V5 log book in my name and it comes with 12 months day time MOT. There are front and rear lights, indicators, wiring diagram etc included (see pic) but not fitted, the bike runs with a full wiring loom, alternator etc, so should not been to much of a problem to fit them if wanted, more or less mount them and plug in.

To sum up, this bike is no trailer queen, its a well thought out, and engineering track and road bike suitable for track days and as a Sunday toy to enjoy on the roads. It seems to attract a lot of interest where ever it goes.

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