Private Tours – Are you a foodie?

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Dislike any of our different visits or  know all the spots you’d like to visit? At that point you can construct your uncommon visit!
Maybe you’d like to visit the mystery noodle shop you read about in Time Magazine, where the patriarch of the now well known “Peace Noodles” shop or Pho Binh as its known to local people permitted the Viet Cong to hold military gatherings on the top floor of his restaurant while serving nourishment to their foes underneath.

On the other hand possibly you ran over the definite Wall Street Journal article on Cholon and you need to look at the congregation where Catholic President Ngo Dinh Diem and his more youthful sibling hung out in 1963, preceding they were caught and killed.
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Is it true that you are a foodie? What about a custom gastronomic visit where we’ll take you to attempt the most delightful Vietnamese dishes in Saigon! Is it true that you are a maturing photographic artist searching for some extraordinary shots? Don’t confine yourself to the touristy areas…let us reveal to you the “genuine” Vietnam.
“Private Tours” offer a more customized experience than our different visits. The rate for a private visit is $60 for every individual for the initial 2 hours and $30 for every individual for every extra hour. We require no less than 3 days perceive so as to plan a custom visit for you.
Need a chill keepsake to show to your loved ones? We have cap mounted cams which we can use to film your ride (for an additional $35)  and make an exceptional feature of your Vietnam Adventure! We can likewise blend in a custom music track in your feature upon appeal.

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