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With the playing point of having long history of Culture, customs and being placed in the group of old quarter of Hanoi, Dong Xuan Market is one of appealing vacationer ends of the line of capital.
This is likewise the greatest exchanging focuses of the North, having focal points of shabby and different items to pull in visitors.according to the detail of the vacationer office of Dong Xuan (Dong Xuan Travel, fitting in with Dong Xuan JSC, by and large for every month, Dong Xuan business gets 7.600 turns of remote guests. Essentially guests originating from Thailand, China, France, England; Japan… … .
To promote the picture of Dong Xuan business, making positive conditions for subjects to offer and purchase items ( purchaser items and crafted works), Dong Xuan JSC is presently arranging to adventure visits at the business sector. As of now, Dong Xuan travel is presently making visits to endeavor possibilities of tourism of the business to create the tourism of society, examination for improvement of visitor products.dong Xuan Travel has elevated to connection up visits with travel executors and is evaluated to put into operation in the soonest time.
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The third floor of the business sector is currently being repaired to develop lodging and for unwinding for guests. Some retail chains in the business will be made in contract to develop as standard retail establishments to pull in guests. The organization is presently modifying the history by building books, Cds to acquaint with visitors.from 2010 on wards, the organization will develop Dong Xuan business to file the benchmarks of visitor end of the line of the city; research advancement of administrations and facilities of gue

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