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A secured Marine Nature Reserve, the Con Dao Islands (of which Con Son is the biggest and where you are prone to be staying) can be hard to get to, with sporadic flights from Ho Chi Minh City or an overnight ship from Vung Tau.. yet good lord, its worth the trouble!
I must admit, the highlight of any going around Vietnam for me is normally the sustenance, yet the absence of any genuine consuming choices outside of the primary lodgings didn’t still figure out how to disillusion, as the landscape around Con Dao is so astounding you’ll need to stay for eternity. I think about all the spots I went to in

Vietnam Con Dao was conceivably a standout amongst the most wonderful I’ve seen.

The islands of Con Dao have a terrible history – they lay totally vacant until the French involved Vietnam and utilized the island as one expansive jail complex, where detainees were shackled, starved and beaten, constrained into hard work and subjected to some especially pitiless and uncommon discipline. Unfortunately when the Americans landed to “spare” Vietnam from Communism they kept the penitentiaries running, and made great utilization of a standout amongst the most primitive components, the ‘Tiger Cages’; even once their horrific nature had been uncovered in the US media they essentially manufactured an alternate set deeper in the wilderness so the columnists wouldn’t discover them.
Today the detainment facilities serve as a stark indication of the repulsions of war, and a large number of the islands occupants are ex-convicts who chose to stay on the islands instead of come back to the terrain. Nowadays the primary businesses are angling and sending, and life on the island is extremely basic and undeveloped, however there are arrangements to sway more tourism to the islands later on.
The whole territory is ensured by law, such a large amount of the islands are secured by thick woodland. A visit to the officers’ station will clarify an extraordinary arrangement about the natural life living on the island, and they are exceptionally content to orchestrate visits around the wilderness or out to alternate islands, to see jeopardized species and to set out for some snorkeling and swooping. There are likewise various jumping schools on the island, especially Rainbow Divers.
On our visit we procured a motorbike to investigate the streets around the island, and tried for climbs through the woodland and swam on totally betrayed shorelines, and in addition going to the jails and galleries. It was a genuine departure from Saigon, a complete difference to the cement, activity and commotion, and one we’ll recollect for eternity.
One of the key associations securing the nearby natural surroundings in Con Dao – and additionally in numerous other national stops crosswise over Vietnam – is WWF. On the off chance that you’d like to help preservation endeavors in Vietnam and conservation of the numerous jeopardized species there, we unequivocally propose turning into a part – it doesn’t cost a great deal keeping in mind in Vietnam you can see for yourself the distinction they are making.
Con Dao beach
Con Dao beach

On the off chance that you need to pass by pontoon there is a hydrofoil administration from Vung Tau to Con Dao twice a week at 350,000 VND every way, furthermore one leaving from Tra Vinh in the Mekong Delta which is controlled by Greenlines. The admissions and timetable are no more publicized on the Vietnamese dialect form of their site however, so it is worth checking before making the trek to Vung Tau.

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Flights are controlled by VASCO however are lamentably not bookable on the web.
An option may be to book online with Isango who are right now promoting a comprehensive two day visit to the island including flights which leaves from Ho Chi Minh City. Criticism on this administration would be increased in value.

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