A Fruit Cake in Angle Cake Mold

Vietnamese food

Last year, I bake this Fruit Cake recipe in a 9 inches springform pan. It took more than 3 hours to reach to internal temperature 190 oF.  This time I use this Angle cake pan and it was done in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I am going to let it ripen and make it into a flower pot for a Christmas party.  It need at least 3 weeks for flavor developing.  Want to try?  Non alcohol version is good too.

This mold has a removable bottom.  I lined its bottom and the center core with one layer of parchment paper .I brushed the side generously with oil and dusted with flour.  When the cake done let it sit in the pan until completely cool.  Use a small knife running around the edge a few time and put the bottom on  a bowl which has smaller diameter than the mold bottom.  Push the ring down gently and stop if feeling resistant and run the knife around the edge again until the ring is slid out easy.  Wrap and store as the original recipe.

                                                             This is last year Fruit Cake

Which color will be best for this year?

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