Chocolate Wedding Cake-Banh Cưới Sô Cô La

Vietnamese food

This cake was made as a gift for Amie, Ricky’s friend by me.  When Ricky heard  the bride was planning to have cupcake towels for her on-coming wedding.  He asked me if I could do it for her- Amie just wanted to have a small cake so she and her husband, Dixon could cut the cake.  Of course sure honey, bring me A game.

I bough the cutters  to made orchid flowers for her Hawaiian pink and purple theme but fell in love with this Art deco style from internet.  You can learn instruction how to make this cake here

After two really long evenings, making the cakes in my unfinished chaotic kitchen.  As you know my Emerald pearl counter top got cracked and they came to replace it on the day I was planning to bake the cake.  I did not want to bake and freeze them days before so when the dust settled, the magic happened.  The cakes baked, the white and dark ganache was made.  Châu helped me to soak the cake with simple syrup.  The chocolate flowers was made .

The next morning I nearly got a heart attack when I got up the chocolate sitting over the counter still not set due to the hot weather.  The white chocolate ganache set in the fridge over 15 minutes.  The dark chocolate needed to spend sometime longer in the freeze to get to the spreadable stage for filling.  Working with chocolate modelling to make flowers and  panels for the outside was challenging and involving in serious problem-solving skills due to the heat and different types of chocolate but with help from Châu and Cầm:  the cake was finished in time.

Here is my note of how much ingredients needed for this wedding cake.  I use Guittard, choc-au-lait/vanilla milk chips, and Guittard dark chocolate chips 60%.

Two 10 in, 8 in, 6 in round pans
10 wooden/bamboo dowels
There cake board 10, 8, 6 in. x 2 in. rounds

Three recipes of chocolate genoise here.  Use one for two 8 in pans, and one for one 10 in and 6 in pans.

Dark chocolate ganache filling:  48 oz dark chocolate chips with 2 ⅔ cups heavy whipped cream (at least 35% fat).  Spread a thin layer about 1/4 in.

White chocolate ganache cover:  48 oz white chocolate chip with 3:1 ratio heavy whipped cream by weight.
2 lb white chocolate modeling for panels:  6 in.x3 in.
1 lb white chocolate modeling for flowers and leaves
3 oz dark chocolate modeling for brown ribbon

Rice paper butterflies for decoration (optional) I bought them from amazon
Color for flowers and leaves
2 oz white chocolate melt to attack roses and leave
Apricot jam, strained, to attack the panels

To be continue.

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