Deep fried Sticky Rice Balls- Xoi Chien Phong

Vietnamese food

These small sweet sticky rice balls are served with  savory deep fried, roasted, grilled, baked chicken or pigeon.  They also are made in bigger size at restaurants.  See how pro is doing it here, here and here

Make 12-16 balls depending on the size of the cutter
2 cups sticky rice, soaked in water 4-6 hours or overnight
1/2 cup dried peeled mung bean, soaked like sticky rice, rinsed and drained well
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup canned coconut milk (optional)
1 Tbs white sesame seeds (optional)
Vegetable oil to fry

1.  Steam mung bean until soft about 15-20 minutes.  Mung bean can be cooked too.  Put mung bean in a small pot, add water to just cover mung bean and 1/8 tsp salt.  Bring it to a boil.  Watch closely because it will form a white foam over when boiling and make a mess.  Turn the heat down to medium low and cover for 15-20 minutes.  When the bean is tender and still very hot; use a spoon, smash them well.
2.  Toss mashed mung bean , 1/4 tsp salt with sticky rice.  Put sticky rice mixture in a steamer over boiling water and make a few vents to help the steam circulate better which helps sticky rice cook evenly.Cover and steam with a gentle boil water about 30 minutes..  Add coconut milk, stir well.  Steam for 10-15 more minutes until sticky rice is really tender.  
3.  Put the sticky rice on a working surface.  Add sugar, sesame (if used) and 1 Tbs oil, toss well with a spatula until the sticky rice warm enough to handle.  Oil your hands and knead the mixture into a paste (in pressing motion to mash the sticky rice) until the sticky rice pulls away from the working surface and do not stick to your hands about 15-20 minutes.  I put the rice mixture into a mixing bowl of a electric mixer and use the dough hook to knead at high speed until the mixture smooth and forming a mass about 5 minutes.  Flattening the mixture between 2 plastic layer about 1/4 inch thick.  Oil a round 3-4 in. cookie cutter cut the rice mixture into circles.  If do not use right the sticky rice can be store in the fridge for a few days.
4.  Heating oil in a electric fryer or a heavy bottom pot (at least 1.5 in deep oil) to 375 oF.  Put one ball in and wait until the skin forms a light crust and raise to the top.  Use 2 spatula, turn it over and start press down the ball gently first.  The ball will start to expand, keep press the spatula down around the ball to press the sticky rice into an thin and even layer.  If the rice sticks to the spatula, use the other spatula to remove the crumb in hot oil.  Gentle remove the ball and drain on paper towers.  These balls are good for a few hours and maybe refried before serve.
*The recipe from the video
0.5 kg sticky rice flour
150 g dried, peeled mung bean
80-100 g sugar
1/2 cup coconut milk
*Plain sticky rice without mungbean and coconut milk  home version.   Plain sticky rice needs to be cover with plenty of water and bring it to a boil about 5 minutes.  Drain and cover, continue cooking with medium low heat until sticky rice soft and tender like pudding texture.   Stir in sugar, oil and process same like above recipe.

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